Elite Clear Bra | Frequently Asked Questions

An Elite Clear Bra is the only legitimate solution to the wear and tear that assaults every car on the road every time it’s on the road.  Rocks and rubbish jump off the road and damage the car. Bugs hit the car, debris is everywhere, and the car begins to look old long before its time.  Road debris chips and scratches the car, and it doesn’t take but a few months before your car looks old and used. In the past the only option to treat road debris was the old leather bras.  Anyone who has used this device knows that it does not protect the car well, and actually does more harm than good. Dirt gets between the car and the leather bra, and soon the car is worse off than it was in the beginning.  The solution is clear. The solution is Elite Clear Bra.
Paint protective films (PPF’s), or clear bra’s, are the newest and most attractive form of paint protection for any new or used vehicle. These films are the surest way to protect your car from any type of road debris. They are also the best looking way to protect your car. And let’s face it, the looks of a car are its appeal. At Elite Clear Bra we will ensure that the integrity of your car’s aesthetics are fully maintained–from its paint finish, to its sporty curves and lines–the car will still look clean and new. At Elite Clear Bra we use the highest quality of Paint Protective Films in the industry- Xpel Ultimate Film.  We provide car kit designs for virtually every make and model of car. We also have kits for motorhomes and motorcycles. Our film is 8 mils thick and protects against the most harmful debris on the road while maintaining its virtually invisible look. The product is easily maintained. It requires no special care. It can be polished along with the rest of the car and will respond just the same. The product is 99% transparent and contains special UV inhibitors that maintain the film’s quality. The film will continue to shine without yellowing, cracking, or bubbling due to repeated and consistent sun exposure. Moreover, the product will not cause paint to fade differently where the film is applied.  The product is applied with a powerful adhesive that keeps it from peeling back for over 5 years. The product will not harm the car’s OEM paint when removed or replaced.
Xpel ULTIMATE and STEALTH films are warrantied for 10 years. This warranty covers: yellowing, staining, delaminating, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and more.  Register your car here for Warranty www.xpel.com/register.
Complete care instructions are available at www.xpel.com/care.
Sealants such as Opti-Coat and cQuartz should not hurt the film or interfere with our ULTIMATE paint protection film self-healing properties if applied properly.
If the film is properly applied to properly cured paint, it can be completely removed without any damage.
Yes, you may use any wash, wax, detailer, etc… that does not contain high amounts of petroleum distillates such as naphtha or kerosene. Often times, a good detail spray is all you may need.
It is important not to wash the car for 48 hours after the film is applied to allow the film to adhere to the paint completely.  Washing the film from that point on presents no problem. The film is susceptible to hand and automated car washes. www.xpel.com/care.
The film is removed simply by pulling up a corner of the film and pulling up at a ninety degree angle from the painted surface.  If any adhesive is left on the paint, remove with any type of adhesive remover that is safe to be used on painted surfaces. www.xpel.com/care.
Yes, the line will be barely visible to one’s vision, and at certain angles and lighting will be virtually invisible.
No.  The film contains special UV inhibitors to prevent the film from discoloring due to the sun’s rays.   However the film also allows a certain amount of rays to filter through the film and onto the paint to help the paint of your car age evenly.
Yes.  The film was originally designed to stop rocks and dirt from chipping helicopter blades.  The film is resilient to most common road debris that your car will face.
The film is 99% clear.  On a dark car the film is virtually invisible, and on a white car .5% of the film is visible due to the adhesive.
Yes.  We come right to the customer’s house to perform the installation.
Repainted surfaces can be a touchy subject as it is not as durable as the factory finish. Factory finishes are baked onto the surface at 350+ degrees which allows a much harder surface and better cohesion bond. Repainted surfaces can be baked only at 150 degrees to prevent damage to the vehicles components and therefore the surface can be more susceptible to lifting, however, if it is a quality job then the burden of concern should not be so much.
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