Paint Correction

Paint Correction in Huntington Beach, CA

At Elite Clear Bra we not only offer great clear bra paint protection and window tinting services, but we also offer paint correction services. If you’re located in Huntington Beach, CA, Newport Beach, Orange County or the surrounding areas – get in touch with us today.

What’s the Difference Between Detailing and Paint Correction?

Detailing can be a 4-step procedure that takes 2 to 4 hours using a cutting compound. The standard process is to apply compound onto the paint with a rotary buffer using circular motions; however, this system is in fact counterproductive in achieving a smooth finish. The act of swirling compound onto paint actually leaves swirls and scratches in the process. These blemishes may be temporarily buried under a coat of wax, but will resurface after a few washes.

Paint Correction is a 2-step process that actually polishes out swirls and scratches. The first step removes up to 98% of previous swirls and scratches to the paint without swirling the painted surface. The next and final step is a protective glaze, which acts like a sealant to maintain a glossy shine. Our technology provides the deepest possible shine to your paint.

Paint Correction Services

The proof is in the results. Our scientifically proven formula for paint correction is seen via university photos magnified at 1.50kx. The paint treated by our system shows blemishes, which are only slightly detectable even at this magnification.

The standard method of paint correction involves a buffer with compounds, which is actually counterproductive in achieving a smooth finish, instead leaving swirls and scratches. These blemishes will initially be buried under the wax, but will soon resurface after just a few washes.

Before & After Demarring Process

See below a quick example of our paint correction with a before and after shot!

Traditional Paint Correction Process Example

Magnification at 1,500 times reveals white illuminated fillers in the scratches or swirls on the painted surface.

  • SEM MAG: 1.50 KX
  • SEM HV: 20.00 KV
  • View Field: 76.53 PM
  • Date: 05/03/12 20 PM
Buffing Damage

Lunaz Shine's Demaring 2 Step Process

Step One

Our first step uses Lunaz Shine's Demar paint correction kit to remove up to 98% of previous swirls and scratches cause by traditional paint correction or detailing.

Step Two

To achieve the highest gloss, we developed a second step using Lunaz Shine's Hydro Glass Sealant that will give a glass like finish.

Lunaz Shine Demarring Process
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